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Welcome to Casa la Sambleña Inn

A choice that will be adequate, in your stay you will enjoy all the services that are exclusively for you, the warmth that characterizes "The Sambleña" in care, and implemented with adequate room to make your stay more pleasant.


Where to find us?

The Brown Avenue is also known as "Walk of the Heroes" for that in her monuments have been erected six valiant heroes from Peru. In this Avenue the flag is hoisted and when there is some military event there is parade on the part of the youth cusqueña.
As it is of general knowledge the Brown Avenue it was an old boulevard, it is said that in this alamenda they existed you hoist denominated characteristic "pisonay." Many years ago behind the houses were highly colonial, this for the arrival of the Spanish legion, later on because of natural catastrophes, principalemente earthquakes, collapsed and on those foundations houses were built but modern, to the republican style. What characterizes to this Avenue is their houses denominated "Chalet", which shine beautiful when being accompanied by the gardens that exist in the area.